Stabilo Point 88


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Colorful. More colorful. STABILO point 88.

The STABILO point 88 with even greater color variety!

Creativity can develop freely in the world of colors. The timeless classic STABILO point 88 is expanding its range to include 17 new colors, bringing the total to an impressive 47. The new sets – Pastel, Shades of Red and Shades of Blue – provide even more scope for you to create inspiring worlds of color as your fantasy allows. What hasn’t changed is what makes the STABILO point 88 special: it’s the perfect companion for schoolchildren, students and professionals – an all-rounder for every situation.

With its fine point, the STABILO point 88 is a miracle of precision. You can now discover its fine line in 47 different colors – that’s the biggest choice of colors ever!

Stylish sets with up to 17 new tones invite you on a voyage of discovery through the colorful world of the STABILO point 88.

If you like subtle macaroon shades, soft candy floss and fresh sorbet tones, you will love the Pastel Set! The 8 colors will bring a breath of fresh air to your desk and a feeling of lightness and freshness to your daily school, uni or office life! If you prefer things a little more fiery, you can indulge in the varied reds of the Shades of Red set. These different

shades prove once again: the red STABILO point 88 is more than just a pen for corrections! And plain blue ink isn’t everything. This is proven by the Shades of Blue set. Its blue tones will transport your fantasy to the stormy sea or a glorious summer sky. With the STABILO point 88’s unique variety of colors, there will be no limits to your fantasy.

The right packaging.

There is also news about the STABILO point 88’s packaging. The new 50-pen set offers the ultimate color variety experience: all STABILO point 88 colors. The 12 and 24-pen packs contained in a practical Click’nColor system are a packaging highlight. To ensure the STABILO point 88 doesn’t get lost, simply open the case, put the pen in its holder and off you go! Super easy, practical storage, and always ready to use.

Classic, cult, cool.

The STABILO point 88 has been on the road to global success since 1977. The orange shaft with the characteristic white edges is a trademark for precision and color variety. The metal-encased point has been the starting point for countless great ideas and thoughts. It doesn’t matter when: the STABILO point 88 can be plucked from your bag quickly and easily no matter what the situation.


26 Apricot, 32 Ultramarine, 33 Apple Green, 36 Green, 40 Red, 41 Blue, 43 Light Green, 44 Yellow, 45 Brown, 46 Black, 50 Crimson, 55 Violet, 56 Pink, 57 Azure, 58 Lilac, 89 Dark Ochre, 94 Light Grey, 040 Neon Red, 024 Neon Yellow


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