Stabilo Pen 68 Colours (Bullet Tip)


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About this item

  • The 68-pen feature odourless, water based ink perfect for high brilliance and luminosity for your work.
  • These pens provide colour intensity for strong lines and large areas making them perfect for school, college, office professionals or ambitious amateur artists.
  • Each premium fibre – tip pen writes a 1 mm medium line for even ink application.
  • These pens can be left without the cap on for up to 24 hours without drying out, allowing unspoiled creativity.

13 Ice Green, 19 Purple, 22 Prussian Blue, 26 Light Flesh-Tint, 32 Ultramarine, 33 Light Green, 36 Green, 41 Dark Blue, 43 Leaf Green, 44 Yellow, 45 Brown, 46 Black, 48 Carmine, 50 Dark Red, 51 Turquoise Blue, 53 Turquoise Green, 54 Orange, 55 Violet, 57 Azure, 63 Earth Green, 89 Dark Ochre, 96 Dark Grey


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