Parker Vector XL Green CT Rollerball Pen


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The Parker Vector XL Green CT Rollerball Pen is a dream for all occasions and is a great writing product for fashionable people. If you are looking for a pen with an original appearance, easy to use and reliable, this model will surely satisfy you. Reach for a pen that will give you a lot of fun and that will work both in the hands of people who prefer to write with a traditional fountain pen and those who prefer to write with a ballpoint pen. Both will feel satisfied when dealing with such a product.

This pen fits well with the modern lifestyle. Its elegant appearance makes it suitable for both business and everyday use. Green satin finishes are especially appreciated by fashionable ladies. The green harmonizes beautifully with the chrome trim, which makes the pen look really great. An additional advantage is the transparent front of the pen. If you dream of personalization, adding a gold engraving to it will be the perfect choice.

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