• naturally strong energy stack made of the powerhouse of the naturer
  • handmade oat bar with valuable nutrients and very good flavour
  • with averagely 60 % carbohydrates, 13 % protein and 7 % fat.

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Handmade and baked with love.
This protects the nutrients and obtains the flavour.
The ingredients of EnergyOatSnack don’t come from the laboratory but directly from the nature’s power plant.
Luscious oat flakes form the basis for the EnergyOatSnack. Depending on flavour the OatSnacks are refined for example with cherries, berries, nuts, cocos flakes or yoghurt.

With an average of 60 % carbohydrates, 13 % protein and just 7 % fat, oat flakes as a natural nutrient supply commendable nutritional values. Minerals, especially iron, magnesium and calcium, vitamin E as well as vitamins of B-complex group are contained additionally. At challenging training sessions and increased energy requirement the luscious flakes are very liked by athletes.

Energy-Oat-Snacks are handmade natural products. So it becomes very special, especially for vegetarians.
The naturally-strong Energy Snack. For every physical and spiritual challanges.
In addition to the muscles the nervous system requires enough energy as well. The combination of short-, medium- and long-chained carbohydrates, high-grade protein and vitamins let the EnergyOatSnack be the optimal long-term energy source for all endurance-, outdoor and extreme athletes.
Available in diverse flavours. Here is something for each person!

Our tip:
The EnergyOatSnack is a multilateral kind of breakfast and tastes even with milk very well!
Preparation: warm up 200ml of milk in a small bowl (for example in the microwave), crumble the bar in the foil, open the foil now, give content into warm milk and crush it with a fork or a spoon – finished!

Store it cool and dry. After opening consume within 1 day. Keep the product closed in a dry place, protected from light and at room temperature (below 20 °C).

Davina Energy OatSnack, oat bar with peanut caramel taste.

Nutritional values – Peanut Caramel
Nutritional values per 100 g per bar (65 g)
Energy 1889 kJ (451 kcal) 1228 kJ (293 kcal)
Fat 23 g 15 g
– thereof saturated fatty acids 8,6 g 5,6 g
Carbohydrates 51 g 33 g
– thereof sugar 29 g 19 g
Protein 8,2 g 5,3 g
Salt 0,17 g 0,11 g

Ingredients – Peanut Caramel:
Oat flakes (33 %), invert liquid sugar, caramel (16 %) (sugared condensed milk (milk, sugars), glucose sirup, sugars, palm oil, rapeseed oil, palm kernel oil, colour: sugarscouleur, water, emulsifier: E471, salt, flavour), peanuts (13 %), margarine (palm oil, rapeseed oil, water, emulsifier: E471), cocoahaltige fatglasur (9 %)(sugars, palm oil, whey powder (milk), wheat flour, meagre cocoa powder, emulsifieren (soy lecithin, Polyglycerin-Polyricinoleat), flavour


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