JOVI Neon Gel Highlighter


The highlighter is made from translucent neon wax which will not smudge or seep though your page and the other exciting feature is as the highlighter is wax it will not dry out if you leave the lid off. The highlighter has a twisting mechanism that raises the wax lead as needed. (Similar to a twist crayon.) The gel highlighters can be sharpened if desired.

These highlighters are a favourite in our office. They are also an excellent resource for students to highlight important points or sentences for study note taking. Switch up with a different colour for another subject to keep good order of study notes. Duck of for a break – no problem if the lid is left off – your gel highlighter won’t dry out! Excellent for teachers on the job marking work and highlighting feedback for students. Set the highlighter down and pick up where you left off.

A terrific addition to brighten up any pencil case, classroom or office desk.


Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow


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